What We Find

By Robyn Carr
Rated by Lisa J.
Apr 29, 2016

Denver neurosurgeon Maggie Sullivan has reached a low point and needs a break. After being named in a wrongful death lawsuit, her medical partners being indited for fraud, and a miscarriage and break up with her boyfriend, Maggie is yearning for the peace of the mountains where her father's country store and campground on the Continental Divide Trail reminds her of less complicated times. Cal Jones is an early arrival to the campground and is there for a specific purpose; letting go and moving on after his wife's prolonged illness and passing. Of course, he doesn't share that right away and

Mar 5, 2010

The Christopher KillerA serial killer is murdering young women across the country. He has been dubbed the "Christopher Killer" because he leaves a St. Christopher medal with each of his victims. Dr. Jewel, a famous psychic, predicted that the next "Christopher Killer" victim would be found "on a dirt road somewhere in the mountain where the road leads to water".

This all seems very distant to 17 year old Cameryn in Silverton, Colorado where there hasn't been a murder in years according to the county coroner, and her father Pat Mahoney. Cameryn has been interested in forensic science for years and wants to go to