human animal relationships

Bones Would Rain From the Sky

By Suzanne Clothier
Rated by Helen H.
Apr 12, 2015

“Even scientists fall in love, and it is said that some even talk to their dogs.”

Not memoir, not a training manual, not quite a call to arms, Bones Would Rain From the Sky is a combination of all of these. And more. Clothier examines her own journey from a child who longed to be an animal to a person who helps people like you and me connect deeply with, and better understand, our pets.

She points out that connection is “quite literally, a matter of life and death. The leading cause of death in dogs in Western countries is behavior – unacceptable, uncontrollable, inappropriate behavior.”

Jun 2, 2011

Disclaimer: Drive with care while listening to  A Dog's Purpose .  Your vision may be impaired by tears of laughter or sorrow.   Either way you will be distracted.

This is a joyful, suspenseful tail... er tale told from the dogs' perspective.  This is the story of a dog named Toby, Bailey, Ellie and finally Buddy.   Toby is born to a feral mom and later captured by well intentioned animal rescue folks.  Toby's life is cut short and he is later reborn as Bailey an endearing Golden Retriever whose main purpose in life is to protect "my boy."  Then there is Ellie the German Shepherd  trained as