maker movement

Mar 6, 2020

Check out the favorite reads and listens of 2019 from the MakerSpace squad.

BooksEvery Tool's A Hammer
by Adam Savage
"Adam Savage narrates the audiobook and is a good storyteller. I had no idea what his backstory as a maker was pre-Mythbusters, so hearing that was super interesting. The book is Insightful and it was surprisingly gratifying to hear someone else's journey grappling with the ever-changing world of materials, machines, and processes." - Nick WHow to Make Hand-drawn Maps
by Cann, Helen
"How to make hand-drawn maps – As a traveler and immigrant, maps mean a lot to me: a way

Jan 6, 2016

The Good Life Lab is the kind of book that makes me suffer, torn between skepticism and hope. It’s the kind of title that draws my interest yet repels me at the same time. My biggest fear was that the author would come across as self-righteous: she does not. The thing I should have feared was the “radical” part. This book has the capacity to cause a watershed (or at least make you want to build a shed out of papercrete). There were times I wanted to run away and start a llama farm: I did not. But the seed has been planted.

Like I said, the title of the book intrigued me, but I wondered if