social commentary


By Andrei Tarkovsky
Rated by Michelle H.
Apr 9, 2018

Two men are taken to The Zone – a quarantined area rumored to have an abandoned building with a room inside it in which wishes are granted. But the road there isn’t clear, and even if it were, the path there can never be repeated. If the room is found, it grants only the wish behind the conscious wish, making the journey toward the room an increasingly frightening endeavor as the men inevitably wander hither and yon looking for the correct path and the correct wish. The two men are led by a third, a guide called a stalker who can never make a wish himself and is doomed to live as an outcast

The Affinities

By Robert Charles Wilson
Rated by Diane H.
May 29, 2016

Have you ever felt that you didn’t belong anywhere? Ever wanted to be with people who understand as much as you understand yourself? If so, the affinities are for you. Of course, you may not be a match for any of the twenty-two groups at the heart of Robert Wilson’s The Affinities.

Adam Fisk decides to undergo the battery of tests that will determine if he will fit into any of the Affinities – groups of people who are compatible beyond the normal societal classifications. Members of the affinities come from all backgrounds, races, social class, economic class, ethnicity, gender, age, etc

DVD Good Hair

Rated by Becky C.
Aug 25, 2011

When Chris Rock’s little girl runs to him crying, “Daddy, why don’t I have good hair?” he tries to find out what’s wrong with this question.  He travels to India; witnessing people with straight hair shave it in a religious ceremony, unaware that people across the world without straight hair will adorn their heads with it.  The sacrificed hair is washed and picked free of lice, and then turned into weaves which are flown to the US and sold for thousands of dollars.  A piece.  Yes.  At a visit to a beauty shop the staff jokes around that some women will forgo paying the rent to pay for their