Oct 12, 2017

What could be the advantage of a diagnosis of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)? Psychiatrist Archer (Better Than Normal) shares his experiences in living with and treating thousands of patients with ADHD. Archer also includes accounts of other innovative self-starters; highly successful individuals who just happened to have been diagnosed with ADHD such as the founder of Jet Blue David Neeleman, John Chambers CEO of Cisco, and business mogul Sir Richard Branson, not to mention entertainers and celebrities like Pink, Ty Pennington and Adam Levine. Most of those profiled use

The Pursuit of Happyness

By Chris Gardner

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Sep 7, 2013

Chris Gardner and his toddler son spent a year living on the streets of San Francisco, in and out of shelters and run down hotels. All while working in the financial district to get a job that would provide them with enough to live on.

Ultimately, Chris becomes the Chief Executive of Gardner Rich & Company, a multimillion-dollar brokerage. Today, Chris is an avid philanthropist and motivational speaker.

Born in the south to a father he never knew, and a loving mother who was jailed twice by an abusive partner, Gardner not only survives, but succeeds, where so many with similar

Jan 26, 2013

The author, a journalist, reviews psychological, sociological, educational, and medical literature and makes conclusions about what is needed to close the gap in educational gains between poor and rich children. His most compelling assertion is that a nurturing relationship between a child and at least one parent in the first year of life is a catalyst for emotional and physiological brain development for learning, stress management, and successful living which he defines as completing a high school or college degree, career, avoidance of incarceration, and a lasting marriage. Another