Dodger by Terry Pratchett

By Terry Pratchett
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Rated by Leslie G.
Jul 12, 2013

Dodger, a stand-alone novel by Terry Pratchett, is a quirky, adventurous, and wonderfully fun read for anyone who enjoys historical novels. The story takes place in an alternative Victorian London, where the protagonist not only meets Charles Dickens, but also Queen Victoria and Sweeny Todd.  Readers get to follow Dodger into the sewers of London, and bear witness to his quest for revenge, knowledge and, quite possibly, love. This novel quickly convinces readers to root for Dodger, and engrosses them into Victorian London with dialogue that is written in appropriate dialect and witty humor

Feb 10, 2013

Mistress of Nothing is based on the true travel adventures of Lady Duff Gordon and her faithful maid, Sally.  In the dry clime of the Egyptian desert, a leading London socialite, Lady Duff Gordon was seeking relief from her tuberculosis. Her six year adventures were commemorated in her personal letters and later remade into this book.  Both women approached their new surrounding with respect and admiration for the exotic culture, and love for adventure in 19th century Egypt. They took an immediate liking to wearing native Egyptian dress, learned Arabic fluently and plunged into romance. They