Timer DVD

Oct 21, 2011

Even if you are not a big fan of “chick flicks,” you should give this one a chance.  The plot of the movie is little more than that of two people falling in love after overcoming several obstacles.  This comedy has a twist of a futuristic nature.

The love candidates live in a time when a special digital watch-like implant was invented to do all the matchmaking.  The implant shows an exact time when one is supposed to meet their soul mate.  The timer turns on the minute ones true love receives an implant.  And if the watch turns up blank, one’s soul mate does not have an implant yet.

 In this society, upon an encounter the first question is not how you are, or what is your name, but do you have an implant?  It is the latest craze and the latest gadget.  The film’s heroine is discouraged by the fact that her implant shows she will meet her partner in three years.  It is much too long for her to wait because her other clock is ticking much faster.  She tries to rebel against her arranged marriage, match-making implant by questioning the technology and trying to find love on her own.  To see if she succeeds, you have to watch this romantic comedy.   The movie was presented at several international film festivals.

Written by Magda B.