The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories: Volume I

hitRECord and Joseph Gordon-Levitt
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Jul 1, 2014

The Tiny Book of Tiny Stories: Volume I is a creative, charming compilation of 1-5 sentence stories, poems, and artwork. The dainty book features 67 of the more than 8500 contributions originally submitted for the volume. Some made me laugh, others made me pause and reflect, and I kept flipping back to certain illustrations just to savor them a little longer. My favorite tiny story:

One day before breakfast, an
orange rolled off the counter
and escaped its fate, bounding
happily through the kitchen door.

Filled with hope,
the egg followed.

You can thumb through it in a matter of minutes, so it’s fun to share your favorites with friends, coworkers, or whoever happens to be in earshot. And have no fear, there are additional volumes. If you can’t wait for more, check out hitRECord; actor and artist Joseph Gordon-Levitt spearheads this “open collaborative production company” that produces the tiny story volumes. Browse the “records” and maybe even add your own! 

Written by Hope H.

Don't you love the interrobang?! It's my favorite punctuation mark.