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Robyn Carr
Apr 29, 2016

Denver neurosurgeon Maggie Sullivan has reached a low point and needs a break. After being named in a wrongful death lawsuit, her medical partners being indited for fraud, and a miscarriage and break up with her boyfriend, Maggie is yearning for the peace of the mountains where her father's country store and campground on the Continental Divide Trail reminds her of less complicated times. Cal Jones is an early arrival to the campground and is there for a specific purpose; letting go and moving on after his wife's prolonged illness and passing. Of course, he doesn't share that right away and Maggie finds him to be a somewhat suspicious character hanging around the campground during the off season.  

Just as Maggie is getting settled in, her father has a massive heart attack. Maggie realizes that he will need help during his recovery and decides to take a longer sabbatical from her neurosurgery practice. As Maggie starts preparing for the upcoming busy season Cal lends a hand and the sparks begin to fly. Maggie and Cal both have issues to work through before their relationship can be anything more than friends. Each has to decide what their future holds, where that might take them and what will really make them happy.

Readers of Carr's Virgin River and Thunder Point series will enjoy this stand alone novel set in the Rocky Mountains. Carr provides a great story with great characters as well as some thought provoking situations about being true to yourself, compromise and trust. 

Written by Lisa J.

I have been a Kindergarten room mom for over 25 years.