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The Fools Journey Writing Contest Winner

By Diana Richards
Rated by Helen H.
Nov 19, 2021

Johnson County Library is pleased to announce that Diana Richards has won our short story writing contest on the theme of The fools Journey with her piece "Cactus." 

I can't add to the millions of statements from would-be writers as to why I write, and my biography isn't all that unique either: retired, like to write, writing is hard, love the library.


Staff Review Nov 16, 2021

We have plenty of patrons here at the Johnson County Library who love a good thriller. Sure, domestic and psychological thrillers still dominate the bestseller lists, but patrons are not always looking for secrets and lies set amongst deteriorating marriages and otherwise-idyllic suburban settings. We're talking old-school thrillers, where one person - or several people - are on the run from bad people with even worse intentions.

Latest Local Music

Oct 25, 2021

Kansas City native Julia Vering blends her unique creative work as an artist and a musician with her professional career in social work to make a profound impact on the lives of her patients and clients. Enjoy our interview with this fascinating and inspiring multidisciplinary artist. 


Please introduce yourself and describe your music for new listeners.  

Sep 16, 2021

The Danielle in Danielle Ate the Sandwich is Danielle Anderson, Kansas City-based folk-pop songwriter and performer in the style of Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson. Anderson's dedicated fanbase has grown in tandem with a her sizeable archive of YouTube videos, many of which feature her singing her own material and selected covers accompanied by her ukulele. We are grateful for this in-depth interview with this multitalented storyteller, humorist and musician. 


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